About Us

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History and Goals

The founder of Teaching Children LLC, is a practicing Certified Special Education teacher. Her experience includes educational consulting for private, parochial and charter schools. She identified a significant need; for students to receive special education support services in their natural setting.

Recognizing the need for support services for children in a general education population, she began her journey to bring resources to children in NYC by sharing her knowledge and expertise with school administration, general education teachers and parents. The founder was successful in opening the doors and paving the way for children in private/parochial schools to receive their mandated IEP/IESP SETSS services, in their least restrictive environment – their school. She fosters this passion and determination to help children grow by training her dedicated staff to teach, guide, motivate, reinforce, support and celebrate with each child as their find their individual successes.

Our goals are to:

  • Maximize academic achievement.
  • Boost functional performance and learning characteristics.
  • Stimulate social development.
  • Enhance physical development and management needs.
  • Increase ability to generalize skills.
  • Encourage peer interactions and turn taking strategies.
  • Develop independent skills and self-correction.
  • Motivate children to work with others.
  • Empower children to achieve personal goals.
  • Build skills for success.